Business Defination In Simple Words

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What is a business in a simple word?

In simple words, the term business refers to the organizational activities where the goods and services are produced and sold to gain optimal profit.

Basic ideas required for simple business in Nepal

These days it isn’t hard to come up with unique business ideas so take your time and start your business. Some of the basic ideas are dropped here only for you.

  • Panipuri and Chatpatey pasal: As we all are very familiar with chatpatye and panipuri ideas, it’s important to take it as a very good opportunity. Give it a new and unique taste with your recipe. You just have to use your head and be creative which will only benefit you. And its plus point is you can start it as a business with low investment and at a low risk
  • Wall art: This business is perfect for people with artistic skills. With the up growing time, wall décor has been a huge trend lately. People love unique and hot ideas nowadays; it’s up to you how creative you can be. Make people fall in love with your arts and use it as a business tool. You can sell it any where as your wish. For example through Facebook, your e-store, Instagram, and many more.
  • Handicraft: It is also the best and low budget investment business for you to start. Handcrafting is a process of making adorning objects using hands for domestic use. If you are thinking of starting a low-budget business then here it is. You can do your business sitting in your home.

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